Bar Staff

Bar Staff Hire this is for those looking for our dedicated team to provide the hands-on work, without all of the bells and whistles that we provide to come with the staff. This package is for those looking to over-cater for themselves, and that are comfortable keeping all of their drink stock, equipment, utensils etc. after the party, function or event concludes. Keep in mind, we can provide the Bar Staff and hire out items such as glassware, the mobile bar, straws, bar-tools, ice-buckets / eskys & much more.

Poppin Parties bartenders are required by Texas Law to check I.D.’s and serve persons above the age of 21. No one is allowed to consume any type of alcohol unless it is served by our staff. The alcohol packages are not unlimited. We will bring enough product for everyone to enjoy. All packages and services are based on a 5 hour serve time and a guest count of 100 people unless otherwise specified. A service charge of 20% is added to all services.