Sip, Sip, Hooray!
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Bottled Water

$5 per person

Refreshing water served over ice with lemons


$5 per person

lemonade with rosemary served over ice

lemonade with mint served over ice

Strawberry lemonade served over ice

Honey Lemonade Served over ice

grilled pineapple lemonade

passionfruit mango lemonade served over ice


$5 per person

Limemade with fresh limes served over ice


$5 per person

cranberry pomegranate Punch with real cranberries

Cranberry Mango Pineapple Punch

Passion fruit punch

Cranberry passion fruit punch

Apple cider punch

Canned Sodas

$5 per person

A variety of select chilled sodas

Iced Tea

$5 per person

Southern sweet iced tea with lemons

Southern sweet peach tea

Southern iced tea with Lemons


$5 per person

flavored Frozen juice mocktail

Premium Drink Bars

$10 per person

Italian Soda Bar

Hot chocolate bar

Smoothie Bar

Lemonade Bar

Juice Bar

Coffee Bar